The skin is the largest organ of the body and not just its covering. It serves as a barrier between the outside world and the controlled environment within our bodies. And a good skin literally serves as a passport to society!  A healthy and glowing skin is important for making a good ‘first impression’.  Nowadays, many people without skin ‘disorders’ as such seek professional help so that their skin looks better, fresher and younger. A dermatologist has the advanced training and expertise necessary to effectively treat all kinds of skin problems and also offer proper skin care advice for day-to-day life. Simple but correct advice regarding skin care goes a long way in ensuring a healthy and glowing skin.
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Skin Problem
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Skin disorders range from everyday problems like pimples, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc to diseases like psoriasis, eczemas, contact allergies, fungal infections like ringworm, etc.  Some skin diseases like severe drug eruptions on the skin, pemphigus, skin cancers etc. may be life –threatening, though very rare. 

Mouth Treatment Dermatology also includes the management of disorders of the internal linings of the oral cavity (stomatitis, mouth ulcers, etc.) and the genital mucosa (both communicable and non-communicable diseases of the private parts).
Many of these conditions are associated with a lot of morbidity and emotional trauma.  Careful evaluation and treatment and good counseling are equally important for correct management of such conditions.
Dr Teja Kulkarni
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