Hair Treatment Hair loss is a very common problem and most people have experienced it sometime or the other. It may or may not stop by itself. The causes must be looked into before treatment can be started.
Some common causes of hair loss that takes place right from the ‘roots’ are:
Icon Heredity (genetic predisposition to hair loss).
Icon Vitamin deficiency.
Icon Protein deficiency.
Icon Hormonal problems like hypothyroidism.
Icon After illnesses like typhoid, prolonged fever, etc.
Icon Certain medicines like chemotherapy agents.
Icon Mental stress.
Skin TreatmentSkin Treatment
Some experience hair loss due to hair breakage which may occur after procedures such as straightening, coloring, etc or due to wrong practices like drying hair with a hot air drier or in the harsh sunlight.
Hair loss is sometimes patchy.
Hair loss may or may not be accompanied by problems in the skin of the scalp.
Other common hair problems are early grayingdifficult to ‘manage’ hair, dandruff, split ends, etc.
Dr Teja kulkarni
Good hair is to a good extent hereditary but at least we can take the best possible care of what we are born with.
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