here are many types of nail disorders.
Icon A fungal infection is the most common, usually affecting the toenails. However, it can also affect fingernails. Following proper treatment, a fungal nail infection can be cured, followed by the growth of new, noninfected nails. Nail Treatment
Icon Nails can also look abnormal following injuries.
Icon Nails may be affected or their colour may change due to a local tumour.
Icon Diseases like psoriasis and lichen planus that affect the skin can also affect nails, making them unsightly and difficult to manage, as thickening of the nails makes it difficult even to just cut them. Nail Treatment

Fungal and bacterial infections of the skin around the nails are very common, especially in people whose hands remain in contact with water for a long time.  These infections may also occur if the nail cuticle is injured, for example, after a manicure.  

Apart from these disorders, there may be other minor nail problems like nail pitting, white patches on the nails, brittle nails, etc.

After treatment is initiated, cure often takes several months because nails, especially toes nails, take a long time to regenerate.

Nail Treatment
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