Apart from looking bad, skin tags may get infected or become painful esp. if they are on areas such as neck, where there may be friction due to a chain, etc. or underarms, where there is friction even while walking. Luckily, they grow in size very slowly.  So when to get them removed is a personal choice.  If they are lowering your self-esteem, its best to get them removed as early as possible.

In case of viral warts, however, it is best to remove them at the earliest in order to prevent spread to other areas and other people.  Viral warts are contagious. 

Moles can be removed if they are undesirable.  Otherwise, they may be left as such.  But in case they grow in size disproportionately, become itchy, if their texture and/or colour changes, they may have to be removed to prevent conversion into a malignant (cancerous) growth.
Big Warts After RemovalBig WartsAfter warts Removal
Big Skin TagBig Warts After RemovalAfter Skin Tag Removal
Advantages of removal by electrocautery (radio frequency):
Icon Quick procedure. It takes only a few minutes.
Icon There is no need for suturing and no need for ‘dressings’ after the procedure.
Icon All routine activities can be resumed immediately.
Icon Inexpensive procedure.
Icon Extremely safe.
A few patients require local anaesthesia. It the growths are small, even local anaesthesia is not required. There is no special care which needs to be taken after the procedure. You can immediately treat the skin as ‘normal’.
Note: After removal of the growth, the area may appear darker or lighter than the surrounding skin for a while. Marks, if any, usually fade over a period of a few weeks – just as they do after a small cut or a bruise.
Multiple WartsMultiple Warts
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